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PLEION SA celebrates 40 years of existence


Dear clients, dear friends,

This year, PLEION SA celebrates 40 years of existence. What a long way we have travelled together!

In 1980, PLEION SA was in its infancy, the Iron Curtain still divided the world, China was only the 12th largest economic power in the world and our planet only had 4 billion inhabitants … but not yet Roger Federer. It is in this world, that seems so distant today, that the visionary founders of Plurigestion SA laid the foundations for what would later become PLEION SA, one of the major players in the Swiss wealth management industry.

The Company has successfully negotiated 4 decades, steered by a client-centric culture and key values such as integrity, trust, excellence, passion and strong convictions.

By way of example, we decided 10 years ago to develop our own portfolio management software, Top Invest, which, at the time, went against the trend to outsource such services. For us, it was essential to keep the development of this tool at the heart of the relationship with our clients, in order to be able to respond with agility and efficiency to their needs.

In addition, unlike most independent asset managers, last year we chose to be regulated directly by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. This means more discipline for us in terms of compliance and governance, and we are convinced that this is your assurance of our professionalism.

Over the last 40 years PLEION SA has grown considerably and now has more than 40 employees in Switzerland, dispersed between offices in Geneva, Nyon, Sion, Bern and Zurich. Drawing on the famous Swiss know-how, our Group also has multidisciplinary and international skills, notably thanks to its presence in Monaco, Mauritius and soon Luxembourg.

Growing up has never been an end in itself; it is a way to expand our range of services and solutions. To become better is the Greek etymological meaning of the name PLEION. Thus, we will continue to develop additional competencies, strengthen our partnerships, and develop new ones in order to always serve you better.

On behalf of all PLEION SA employees, who strive every day to merit your trust, we profoundly thank you for the privilege of having you amongst our clients.


Marc Wagner                                       Patrick Héritier
Chairman                                              Chief Executive Officer