Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) is ready to become PLEION SA (Switzerland) and launches PLEION (Monaco) SAM

July 01, 2018 - 0 min read

Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) is proud to announce the launch of PLEION (Monaco) SAM in Monaco. From its creation, the new company will be in joint ventures with Plurigestion SA (Switzerland). It will be a strategic element in the growth strategy of the PLEION group.

Consequently, from 1st September on, Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) will become PLEION SA (Switzerland), and will contribute to the awareness of the international brand of PLEION.

Patrick Héritier, CEO:
“In creating PLEION (Monaco) SAM in Monaco, we make an important step to round-up our global network with offices in Switzerland, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Monaco and soon in Luxemburg. We move closer to our clients. With our new brand PLEION, we can implement and achieve our growth strategy to the advantage of our clients in Switzerland and abroad”.

PLEION is a privately owned international financial and technological services provider in Switzerland, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Monaco and soon in the EU. The company was created in 1980 and has seen a solid growth in all its businesses. Today, PLEION has 150 employees.

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