BCB & Partners S.A. - Gestion De Fortune

Family Office

Asset management needs to be in the right hands.

Professional asset management demands both time and professional expertise. Keeping up with changing taxation and legal environments, we set course for the paramount objective: the security and growth of your assets.

To ensure that your assets have a secure future.

Using BCB & Partners S.A. as a Family Office means you transfer the management of your financial investments to independent and impartial experts. This is what our services and experience deliver:


  • Minimum effort and work on your part:
    Our job is to represent your interests – as against all other parties.
  • Comprehensive security:
    The monitoring and management of investment risks and financial services are among the most important responsibilities we assume.
  • Greater efficiency:
    We keep up the strategic overview for you – taking account of all financial decisions.
  • Top-level expertise:
    We have a wide-ranging network of specialists and will help you find the right partners, e.g. for legal estate planning.
  • 100% individuality:
    Your personal and ideal requirements will be given full consideration.
  • Maximum transparency:
    Consolidated asset overviews can be accessed at any time. All asset items are subjected to regular evaluation..

For further details and information, please contact us at info@bcblux.lu